Skip Sizes Guide

Mini 3 Yard
For very small jobs, we have the smallest skip in our range, the 3 yard mini skip which is suitable for very small garden, household clearances and D.I.Y projects. It is our cheapest option and it holds the equivalent of 5 wheelie bins or 20-25 bin bags. Due to it’s size it’s perfect for when space is an issue & will fit in 99% of driveways.
Width: 0.91m, 3'
Length: 1.21m, 4' 11"
Height: 0.76m, 2' 6"

Small 4 Yard
We have the 4 yard skip, commonly known as the midi skip. They are useful for kitchen and bathroom refits as well as being convenient for garden cleanups. We recommend the midi skip for all those in between jobs because it’s small and compact. It holds the equivalent of 7 wheelie bins or 30-35 bin bags.
Width: 1.29m
Length: 1.83m
Height: 0.97m

Medium 6 Yard
We have the 6 yard skip, commonly known as the builders skip. It’s our most popular skip and it’s the one you see in most driveways. Small enough that they can be placed in most locations, but large enough to handle a sizeable amount of waste. It holds the equivalent of 16 wheelie bins or 60-70 bin bags.
Width: 1.52m, 5'
Length: 1.22m, 4' 
Height: 2.6m, 8' 6"

Large 8 Yard
We have the 8 yard skip, which is perfect for slightly larger projects. They are used by domestic clients for large home improvement projects, including garden clearances, kitchen refits and conservatory removal. It holds the equivalent of 18 wheelie bins or 80-90 bin bags.
Width: 1.68m, 5' 6"
Length: 3.66m, 12'
Height: 1.22m, 4'

XL 14 Yard 
For larger jobs that will produce a considerable amount of waste we have the 14 yard “big daddy” of the skip family. These skips provide ample space for many different jobs, from commercial rubbish to industrial waste. It holds the equivalent of 25 wheelie bins or 100-120 bin bags.
Width: 1.82m 5" 11 
Length: 2.43m 7" 9" 
Height: 3.35m 10"

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